Tips on how to keep your garage secure

There are many valuables in your garage. Your tools, equipment, car and other valuables can be damage or get lost when your garage door is not secure. The main reason why many people install Raynor garage doors St. Louis is to enhance their security. However, installing a garage door is not all that you need to do to ensure that the items present in your garage are safe. There are many other things that you need to do that will help you ensure that your garage is secure. The things that you should do include;

1. Always ensure that that the door is locked

You should always ensure that your garage door is locked at all times. Never leave it open, even when there is someone at home. A garage door will be of no use if it is not kept closed at all times. Intruders will have a hard time trying to get into your garage when the door is locked. The windows should also be locked at all times. If your garage is attached to your home, it is important to ensure that the door leading to your house is locked too. This will make it harder for intruders who successfully get into your garage to get into your house. 

2. Keep the garage door windows covered

You should install curtains or use any other means to prevent people who are outside from seeing what is in your garage through the windows. This is because there are people who will be tempted to break into your garage when they notice that you have kept high value equipment or materials in there. You should cover the windows even when you don’t think that that the things in your garage are of high value. You can use sheer materials such as plastic sheets or fabric that allow light to get into the garage but prevent people who are outside from seeing what you have in there. 

3. Install a reliable alarm system

An alarm system will greatly help to enhance the security of your garage. Homeowners who install Raynor garage doors St. Louis are always advised to add an alarm system that will deter the thieves. An alarm system will sound a warning when someone tries to open your garage door. This will discourage them from breaking in. Many garage door openers today have integrated security features. Make sure that all security features re well configured to reap maximum benefits from them. 

4. Always have the garage door key with you or hide the remote control in your car

When you are traveling to a place that is far from home, lock your garage door and carry the keys with you. Do not leave them in your car or in a secret hiding place. This is because if someone manages to break into your car or gets to your secret hiding place, he will be able to get access to your home as well. If you use a remote to pen your garage door, try to hide it in the best way possible in your car. Do not make it easy for someone who breaks into your car to find it.